The Accident and Progress Since 1986

Since the disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, the causes of the accident have been examined in great detail, the consequences have been studied by many organisations and projects, and action has been taken to ensure that such an event can never happen again. These pages are intended to provide background information on RBMK reactors (PDF - 167kb) (the type of reactor used at Chernobyl) and the use of nuclear power for electricity generation in Ukraine.
The details of the accident at Chernobyl Unit 4 - on 26 April 1986 are laid out in:

The Accident at Chernobyl. (Also available as PDF (79kb) click to download pdf of Chernobyl accident chronology - 0.2 K

During the Uranium Institute's 20th Annual Symposium held in September 1995, a session was devoted to Chernobyl: ten years after the accident. Three papers were delivered and abstracts of these papers are available on this server.
Recent News The Uranium Institute publishes a weekly News Briefing which regularly carries stories about Chernobyl and upgrades to the RBMK reactor type. To access past items use Search!
Nuclear Power in Ukraine. Background information on nuclear power generation in Ukraine. Also available as PDF (261kb) pdficonsmall.gif - 0.2 K
Nuclear Power Reactors. How nuclear power reactors work. Details of the five main reactor types including the RBMK.

Links to other resources
Project Polyn WWW site on Chernobyl and its consequences prepared by the Kurchatov Institute.
International Conference: One Decade after Chernobyl held Vienna, Austria 8-12 April 1996. Sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), European Commission (EC), and World Health Organization in cooperation with UNDHA, UNESCO, UNEP, UNSCEAR, FAO, NEA and OECD. Paper gives overview of conference - also available as PDF. New2.gif - 0.4 KIAEA Bulletin Vol 38, Number 3 now contains the papers delivered at this conference. Chernobyl - Ten years after, One decade after Chernobyl: The basis for decisions, Post-Chernobyl scientific perspectives: Social, health and environmental effects, Social/psychological effects, Clinically observed effects, Thyroid effects, Health effects, Long-term health effects, Agricultural countermeasures and Nuclear safety aspects.
The Chernobyl Accident - Health Effects. An open letter by Dr Baverstock of the European Centre for Environment and Health - a division of WHO.
Chernobyl, Ten Years On, Radiological and Health Impact An appraisal by the NEA Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health. Published November 1995 by NEA/OECD, Paris. This file contains the complete text of the 112 page report including diagrams. The NEA site contains the full text of many of their reports.