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These spectra were taken by me. You may use them freely but they are not guaranteed to be 100% pure compounds.

Notes: Some compounds are listed by their IUPAC names. Some are listed by their common names. They are not in alphabetical order.

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The Spectra

GIF File JCAMP-DX File Compound Phase
2-8onel.gif 2-8onel.dx 2-Octanone Liquid
23-4diol.gif 23-4diol.dx 2,3-Butanediol Liquid
25dmt-l.gif 25dmt-l.dx 2,5-Dimethylthiophene Liquid
3-5one-l.gif 3-5one-l.dx 3-Pentanone Liquid
3-8one-l.gif 3-8one-l.dx 3-Octanone Liquid
8ald-l.gif 8ald-l.dx Octylaldehyde Liquid
8oic-l.gif 8oic-l.dx Octanoic Acid Liquid
acetaldg.gif acetaldg.dx Acetaldehyde Gas
acetaldl.gif acetaldl.dx Acetaldehyde Liquid
acetonel.gif acetonel.dx Acetone Liquid
acetonev.gif acetonev.dx Acetone Gas
alumina.gif alumina.dx Alumina Solid
benzaldg.gif benzaldg.dx Benzaldehyde Gas
benzaldl.gif benzaldl.dx Benzaldehyde Liquid
benzen-g.gif benzen-g.dx Benzene Gas
benzen-l.gif benzen-l.dx Benzene Liquid
buthiolg.gif buthiolg.dx Butanethiol Gas
1-4ene.gif 1-4ene.dx 1-Butene Gas
13-4dene.gif 13-4dene.dx 1,3-Butadiene Gas
c2-4ene.gif c2-4ene.dx cis-2-Butene Gas
butan2ol.gif butan2ol.dx 2-Butanol Gas
caf2.gif caf2.dx Calcium Fluoride Solid
chcl3-l.gif chcl3-l.dx Chloroform Liquid
co2.gif co2.dx Carbon Dioxide Gas
cp-ring.gif cp-ring.dx Cyclopentadienyl Ligand Solid
cyc5anel.gif cyc5anel.dx Cyclopentane Liquid
cyc5enel.gif cyc5enel.dx Cyclopentene Liquid
d6benz-l.gif d6benz-l.dx Benzene-d6 Liquid
dcpd-l.gif dcpd-l.dx Dicyclopentadiene Liquid
ethformg.gif ethformg.dx Ethyl Formate Gas
ethforml.gif ethforml.dx Ethyl Formate Liquid
ethyet-g.gif ethyet-g.dx Ethyl Ether Gas
ethyet-l.gif ethyet-l.dx Ethyl Ether Liquid
ethyglyl.gif ethyglyl.dx Ethylene Glycol Liquid
etoh(g).gif etoh(g).dx Ethanol Gas
etoh(l).gif etoh(l).dx Ethanol Liquid
etosi.gif etosi.dx Ethanol on Silica Surface
etthiolg.gif etthiolg.dx Ethanethiol Gas
flurlube.gif flurlube.dx Fluorolube® (Fluoro-kerosine) Solid
fomblin.gif fomblin.dx Fomblin® (Fluoro-polyether) Solid
grease1.gif grease1.dx Silicone Vacuum Grease Solid
i-proh-l.gif i-proh-l.dx iso-Propanol Liquid
i-proh-v.gif i-proh-v.dx iso-Propanol Gas
i-prosi.gif i-prosi.dx iso-Propanol on Silica Surface
kbr-optc.gif kbr-optc.dx Potassium Bromide Solid
meoh(l).gif meoh(l).dx Methanol Liquid
meoh(v).gif meoh(v).dx Methanol Gas
meosi.gif meosi.dx Methanol on Silica Surface
met_form.gif met_form.dx Methyl Formate Liquid
minrloil.gif minrloil.dx Mineral Oil Liquid
mo4-al-n.gif mo4-al-n.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)4 on Alumina Surface
mo4-al.gif mo4-al.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)4 on Alumina Surface
mo4-si-n.gif mo4-si-n.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)4 on Silica Surface
mo4d6bnz.gif mo4d6bnz.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)4 in Benzene Solid
mo4fomb.gif mo4fomb.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)4 in Fomblin Solid
mo4nuj.gif mo4nuj.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)4 in Nujol Solid
mo6-al-n.gif mo6-al-n.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)6 on Alumina Surface
mo6-al.gif mo6-al.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)6 on Alumina Surface
mo6-si-n.gif mo6-si-n.gif Cp2Mo2(CO)6 on Silica Surface
mo6d6bnz.gif mo6d6bnz.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)6 in Benzene Solid
mo6fomb.gif mo6fomb.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)6 in Fomblin Solid
mo6nuj.gif mo6nuj.dx Cp2Mo2(CO)6 in Nujol Solid
n-7ane-g.gif n-7ane-g.dx n-Heptane Gas
n-8ane-g.gif n-8ane-g.dx n-Octane Gas
n-proh-g.gif n-proh-g.dx n-Propanol Gas
n-prosi.gif n-prosi.dx n-Propanol on Silica Surface
n2o-g.gif n2o-g.dx Nitrous Oxide Gas
nujol.gif nujol.dx Nujol Liquid
parafilm.gif parafilm.dx Parafilm Solid
paraldl.gif paraldl.dx Paraldehyde Liquid
pentaneg.gif pentaneg.dx Pentane Gas
pentanel.gif pentanel.dx Pentane Liquid
pncl-g.gif pncl-g.dx Pinacol Gas
pncl-m.gif pncl-m.dx Pinacol Liquid
polyethc.gif polyethc.dx Polyethylene Solid
propegly.gif propegly.dx Propylene Glycol Liquid
pstyrene.gif pstyrene.dx Polystyrene Solid
propene.gif propene.dx Propene Solid
quartz.gif quartz.dx Quartz Solid
silica-d.gif silica-d.dx Silica (dry) Solid
silica-w.gif silica-w.dx Silica (wet) Solid
silica_w.gif silica_w.dx Silica (very wet) Solid
stilbens.gif stilbens.dx Stilbene Solid
t-butnol.gif t-butnol.dx t-Butanol Liquid
tbthiolg.gif tbthiolg.dx t-Butanethiol Gas
teflon.gif teflon.dx Teflon Solid
thifeneg.gif thifeneg.dx Thiophene Gas
thifenel.gif thifenel.dx Thiophene Liquid
tht-g.gif tht-g.dx Tetrahydrothiophene Gas
tio2-dry.gif tio2-dry.dx Titania (dry) Solid
tio2-wet.gif tio2-wet.dx Titania (wet) Solid
w4-si-n.gif w4-si-n.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 on Silica Surface
w4-si.gif w4-si.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 on Silica Surface
w4d6benz.gif w4d6benz.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 in Benzene Solid
w4fomb.gif w4fomb.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 in Fomblin Solid
w4nuj.gif w4nuj.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 in Nujol Solid
w6-si-n.gif w6-si-n.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 on Silica Surface
w6-si.gif w6-si.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 on Silica Surface
w6fomb.gif w6fomb.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 in Fomblin Solid
w6nuj.gif w6nuj.dx Cp2W2(CO)4 in Nujol Solid
water-g.gif water-g.dx Water Gas

Fluorolube ® is a registered trademark of Hooker Chemical Corp.
Fomblin ® is a registered trademark of Ausimont SpA.

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