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Galileo Thermometers

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Galileo Thermometer - History

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) discovered that the density of liquids change as the temperature varies. This scientific principle has become an elegant and functional work of art; The Galileo Thermometer. When the temperature rises, the liquid in the glass tube becomes less dense, causing the floating glass spheres to sink one by one.

Reading a Galileo Thermometer

Each sphere has a temperature indicating medallion. Depending on the actions of the spheres, the temperature is read in a number of ways. If there is a sphere or globe floating mid way, the medallion says the temperature. If you have a group of spheres at the top and a group of spheres at the bottom, you take the lowest one on the top (say 72) and the highest one on the bottom (say 76), the temperature is the average of the two. Or add the two together (148) and divide by 2 equals 74. If all spheres are floating, the temperature is below the lowest sphere. If all the spheres are at the bottom, the temperature is above 84. And some are read by the lowest floating sphere. Normally, it is the lowest medallion at the top.

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A great gift item for anyone one who loves the unique, enjoys filling their surroundings with beautiful, useful and conversational pieces, and/or simply enjoys the mesmerizing piece of history. The spheres or globes are multi-colored only. Listed Galileo Thermometers come with Gold medallions.

24" - 2 degree increments 62 - 82 F
18" - 2 degree increments 68 - 80 F
17" - 4 degree increments 64 - 84 F
15" - 4 degree increments 64 - 84 F

NOTE: Galileo Thermometers are for indoor use only.

Galileo Thermometers

15" Hanging six globes $  74.95
17" Standing seven globes $  89.95
17" Standing six globes $  79.95
18" Hanging seven globes $149.95
24" Hanging eleven globes $179.95
24" Standing eleven globes $189.95

galileo thermometerThese make marvelous, wonderful presents and we can normally ship within 24 hours. However, should something happen in transit - we will gladly replace it, but need 'time' to do so.

galileo2 Galileo Thermometers
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