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These pages will help you find resources on the internet. You will find them sorted in a directory structure.

Although we make our possible to check that these resources do not contain any sensitive material, we cannot be held responsible for the actual content of each web site. If you think that a web site can be harmful to the general public, please leave us a note, and we will consider its removal of the database.

Sites added this week

Go Bacteriophages


  • To provide a basic understanding of selected topics in immunology, virology and eukaryotic microbiology and a solid platform for more advanced courses.
  • To understand how information is acquired by experimentation and utilization of various information sources. '

    Nice course on Bacteriophage. Explore the site to find more courses.

    Date reviewed: 24/07/00

Go Beadle, George Wells

    '...they began the study of the development of eye pigment in Drosophila which later led to the work on the biochemistry of the genetics of the fungus Neurospora for which Beadle and Edward Lawrie Tatum were together awarded the 1958 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.'


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Berg, Paul

    ' '

    Paul Berg was Nobel prize in 1980 for for his fundamental studies of the biochemistry of nucleic acids, with particular regard to recombinant-DNA.

    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Crick, Francis Harry Compton

    'A critical influence in Crick's career was his friendship, beginning in 1951, with J. D. Watson, then a young man of 23, leading in 1953 to the proposal of the double-helical structure for DNA and the replication scheme. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Delbrück, Max

    'Discoveries concerning the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses.. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go DNA detective : gene probes & fingerprints

    'Modern techniques in biotechnology mean that scientists can now detect individual genes in plants and animals, allowing faster and more accurate agricultural breeding programs and improving medical diagnosis of inherited disease. '


    Date reviewed: 24/07/00

Go Gilbert, Walter

    'In the middle seventies, Allan Maxam and I developed the rapid chemical DNA sequencing. At this time, I also became interested in and developed some of the recombinant DNA techniques'


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Hershey, Alferd Day

    'Nobel prize in 1969 for their discoveries concerning the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses'


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Introduction to Protein Structure

    'This project develops, tests and incorporates into introductory chemistry and biology courses a series of modules based on important scientific themes: molecular aspects of biological structures, bonding and intermolecular forces, dynamics including enzymes and catalysis, aspects of equilibria especially acids and bases, energy and thermodynamics, organic reaction mechanisms especially metabolism, and bioethics.'

    Requires Chime plug in

    Date reviewed: 21/07/00

Go Jacob, Francois

    'The work of François Jacob has dealt mainly with the genetic mechanisms existing in bacteria and bacteriophages, and with the biochemical effects of mutations. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Lwoff, Andre Michel

    'There were many other investigations on growth factors for flagellates and ciliates with regard to growth factors, loss of function, and physiological development until the time when Lwoff began working on the problem of lysogenic bacteria. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Monod, Jacques Lucien

    'To George Teissier he owes a preference for quantitative descriptions; André Lwoff initiated him into the potentials of microbiology; to Boris Ephrussi he owes the discovery of physiological genetics, and to Louis Rapkine the concept that only chemical and molecular descriptions could provide a complete interpretation of the function of living organisms. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1958: Beadle, Tatum, Lederberg

    'Their studies are concerned with the very basis of heredity and the manner in which the genes function.'


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Pauling, Linus Carl

    'The subjects of the papers he published reflect his great scientific versatility: about 350 publications in the fields of experimental determination of the structure of crystals by the diffraction of X-rays and the interpretation of these structures in terms of the radii and other properties of atoms;'


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Principles of Protein Structure Using the Internet

    'Much of the course material has been written specifically for the PPS course (before or during last year's run) by a large number of different authors around the world, and in general the material is available at the Web-site where it was written. '


    Date reviewed: 21/07/00

Go Sanger, Frederick

    'I succeeded in developing new methods for amino acid sequencing and used them to deduce the complete sequence of insulin, for which I was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1958...'

    Also 1980 Nobel prize.

    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Tatum, Edward Laurie

    '...when he and Beadle decided to give up their work on Drosophila and to work instead with the fungus Neurospora crassa, it was Tatum who discovered that biotin was necessary for the successful cultivation of this fungus on simple inorganic media and thus provided these two workers with the genetic material that they needed for the work which gained them, together with Joshua Lederberg, the Nobel Prize. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go The 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    'This year´s Nobel Prize in chemistry has been awarded to Sidney Altman, USA and Thomas Cech, USA for their discovery that RNA (ribonucleic acid) in living cells is not only a molecule of heredity but also can function as a biocatalyst. '

    Contains a useful and simple description of the catalytic role of RNAs.

    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Tips for Preparing and Delivering Scientific Talks

    'To improve the flow of information among scientists, this publication attempts to provide advice and observations on preparing and delivering a scientific talk. Many of the points apply to any public speaking situation, but many are unique to a scientific environment. The focus here is on the invited presentation, but impromptu and contributed talks could also benefit from incorporating several of the suggestions. '


    Date reviewed: 21/07/00

Go Titration Lab

    ' '

    Java applet to simulate a acid/base titration.

    Date reviewed: 21/07/00

Go Vectors based on temparate bacteriophages

    'Phage lambda -- from the finest sewers of Paris, direct to your benchtop!'

    Good explanation of the use of bacteriophages in cloning

    Date reviewed: 02/08/00

Go Viral Genetics

    'Viruses have a simple structure consisting usually of nucleic acid packed into a protein head. They lack the metabolic machinery for isolated mutiplication and must invade a host cell in order to reproduce. This parasitic lifestyle gives rise to some interesting reproductive cycles which we will explore in this chapter. '


    Date reviewed: 02/08/00

Go Watson, James Dewey

    'He soon met Crick and discovered their common interest in solving the DNA structure. They thought it should be possible to correctly guess its structure, ...'


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

Go Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick

    'The discovery of the well-defined patterns led to the deriving of the molecular structure of DNA. Further X-ray studies established the correctness of the Watson-Crick proposal for DNA structure. '


    Date reviewed: 17/07/00

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