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Biology How Tos

How to Make a DNA Model Using Candy
A fun way to construct a DNA model using candy.

How to Extract DNA From a Banana
A simple way to extract DNA from a banana and other types of cells.

How to Extract DNA From Human Cheek Cells
Lab method for extracting DNA from human cheek cells.

How to Make a Working Model of the Lungs
An easy way to make a working model of the lungs.

How to do a Simulation of the Ear Drum
A simple way to do a simulation of how the ear drum works.

How to Make LB for Bacterial Culturing
Procedure on how to make Luria Broth.

How to Streak a Bacterial Culture
Procedure on how to isolate bacterial colonies by using the streaking method.

How to Choose a Topic for a Science Fair Project
Suggestions on how to choose a topic for a science fair project.

How to do a Science Fair Project
Procedure on how to do a science fair project.

How to do a Bibliography for a Science Fair Project
Procedure on how to do a bibliography for a science fair project.

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