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NIDA Notes, published bimonthly, is the Institute's major vehicle for relaying research findings to the field in a timely manner. It covers the areas of treatment and prevention research, epidemiology, neuroscience, behavioral research, health services research, and AIDS. The publication reports on advances in the drug abuse field, identifies resources, promotes an exchange of information, and seeks to improve communication among clinicians, researchers, administrators, and policymakers.

Subscriptions to NIDA Notes may be ordered through NIDA. Please contact the NIDA Notes Subscription Department, MasiMax Resources, Inc., 1375 Piccard Drive, Suite 360, Rockville, MD 20850, or fax requests to (240) 632-0519. In this catalog, available back issues are listed under NIDA Notes.

Research Dissemination and Application Packages

NIDA has a series of Research Dissemination and Application (RDA) packages to help drug abuse treatment programs and counselors adopt recent research-based treatment strategies and techniques. All RDA packages contain an introductory brochure to inform program administrators about new treatment techniques. Some packages also contain training materials, such as print materials and audiotapes, for program trainers or clinical directors to use in training their staff members to use the new approaches.

Research Dissemination and Application Videotapes

The RDA videotape series dramatizes treatment approaches and techniques that are based on recent research findings. The color videos are 20- to 30-minute information pieces designed to motivate counselors to obtain more information about topics addressed in the videos. Videos are described throughout the catalog and listed together in the Video Index.

Clinical Report Series

The Clinical Report Series disseminates information from NIDA's research programs to drug abuse practitioners, trainers, and curriculum development specialists. The series is designed as a training vehicle as well as a forum for the discussion of issues and topics relating to preventing drug abuse, treating drug abusers, and preventing AIDS.

Public Education Materials

NIDA's public education and science education campaigns convey drug abuse messages to a variety of audiences through such media as pamphlets and flyers, posters and print ads, video documentaries, and public service announcements (PSAs) for radio and television. Many of the print and audio/video materials for public education are produced in both Spanish and English.

  • Print materials - Posters, print ads, flyers, and other printed items are available in a variety of sizes, and they address a range of topics. Most are printed in color, and some are available in both Spanish and English. Limited numbers of copies can be ordered, but users may reproduce as many copies as they need.

  • Videocassettes - Short films are produced in VHS format for home, school, or office use.

  • School programs - In the Mind Over Matter Series, "Sara Bellum" takes young teens on a journey to explore the brain's response to drugs. This series of oversized colorful magazines prompts students in grades 5 through 9 to think about the effects of specific drugs on the brain and discourages the use of these drugs. An underlying message of this series is that anyone can become a scientist and work to find out more about the mysteries in us all. Each of the seven magazines in this series includes a striking poster designed to inspire students to pursue a career in science.

Research Report Series

The Research Report Series simplifies the science of research findings for the educated lay public, legislators, educational groups, and practitioners. The series reports on research findings of national interest. Topics of the reports in the series to date are anabolic steroids, inhalants, heroin, and methamphetamine. (See "Nature and Extent of Drug Abuse" for listings.)

Research Monograph Series

Each book in the Research Monograph Series contains papers by experts who report at NIDA-sponsored meetings on state-of-the-art drug abuse research findings, problem areas, and technologies. Subjects include drug abuse treatment research, prevention research, AIDS prevention and treatment, and medications development. The series is designed to cover a full range of basic, applied, and develop-mental research supported by NIDA. Research monographs are listed in several sections of the catalog. They are designated with the letters RM and a number after the book's title. A numeric listing of the monographs is also in the Monograph Index (Numeric).

Community Alert Bulletins

NIDA periodically produces Community Alert Bulletins to keep the science community, drug abuse professionals, and the public informed about new and emerging drug abuse issues that warrant special attention. (See listings under "Community Issues" and "HIV/AIDS.")

Fact Sheets

NIDA's Infofax service provides accurate information developed by NIDA as fact sheets on drug abuse and addiction. Available by fax, mail or online, these fact sheets are updated regularly and include information about the health effects of specific drugs (e.g. crack and cocaine, PCP and ecstasy), survey data, news releases, and grants and funding opportunities.

Epidemiological Studies

NIDA conducts epidemiological studies to assess the extent of drug abuse in this country. The study results are published each year by NIDA. The major surveys and resulting publications are described in the section headed "Nature and Extent of Drug Abuse."

Produced twice per year, Epidemiologic Trends in Drug Abuse is the proceedings from the June and December meetings held each year by the Community Epidemiology Work Group, which assesses recent drug abuse trends and pinpoints populations at risk here and abroad. The proceedings present common data collected at the community level and identify emerging trends and specific risk factors in the area of substance abuse. The CEWG reports are distributed by NIDA to individuals who request them.

NIDA's Web Site

Many of the publications available in this catalog are posted on NIDA's Web site. NIDA's home page is at Special features include "What's New," a link to the latest NIDA materials available online. Also, upcoming NIDA Meetings,and News releases are posted, including information about NIDA Town Meetings scheduled across the Nation each year.

In addition, NIDA's Web site provides a link to international activities concerning research on drug abuse and addiction, details of NIDA organizational units and funding information, and related Web sites including the NIH home page. Many of the research monographs listed in this catalog are available online as PDF files that you can download to your hard drive.


NIDA Publications Catalog, 1999

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