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Famous French scientists


This heading presents you some of France most famous scientists ! 1995 was Pasteur year and 1996 was Descartes one. New scientists will be added periodically. Enjoy their astonishing lives !


(*) Henri Becquerel, Physics Nobel prize laureate in 1903
In 1896 Becquerel discovered by pure chance that radiation ionises the air. It is not caused by the Sun and its intensity does not decrease with the passage of time. This is the beginning of the nuclear age.
(*) Georges Charpak, Physics Nobel prize laureate in 1992
Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital in Paris uses a revolutionary radiology equipment which is the result of research conducted by the French Nobel prize laureate Georges Charpak.
(*) Marie Curie, Physics Nobel prize laureate in 1903, Chemistry Nobel prize laureate in 1911
Through her discovery of radium, Marie Curie paved the way for nuclear physics and cancer therapy. Born of Polish parents, she was a woman of science and courage, compassionate yet stubbornly determined.
(*) René Descartes
Philosopher, mathematician and physician of the XVIIth century. Author of the Discours de la méthode, he said "I think, therefore I am".
(*) Louis Pasteur, the father of modern medicine
From his works on the rabies virus to the creation of the world kown Pasteur institute. All you have to know about Pasteur if you didn't heard about him during the Pasteur year !
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